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Thank you Dubbles!


Serious About Safety

With continually-evolving content, filtered chat and live moderators, Star86 offers fun for players and peace-of-mind for parents. We are committed to delivering a safe, creative and fun environment for all our players.

Experienced Moderators

The front line support officers for Star86 are online moderators - these are employees of the company who monitor activity on the site and help maintain a friendly and safe environment. All moderators are over 18 and have to pass a criminal record check.

All messages go through a sophisticated filter which blocks inappropriate language before it can be viewed by other players and alerts our moderators to investigate player behavior. Children are able to report bad behavior directly to moderators within the game and parents can contact a moderator at anytime via our Support Form to answer any queries or concerns they may have about their child's experience of the website.

Moderated Chat

If you choose to activate chat on your child's account they will be able to type messages to other players. All messages go through a sophisticated filter which blocks inappropriate words and phrases before it can be viewed by other players.

Although the filter is continuously updated, comments that could be offensive to some players may very occasionally get through. To further protect the security of our players, moderators monitor what is going on, update the filters regularly and receive player reports of misconduct.

Star86 Rules

All players agree to these rules when they sign up:

Play safe
Keep your personal information personal. Friends don't let friends share personal information - or ask them to!

Be respectful to other Dubbles
Treat other players with respect and you will respected.

No bullying or rude behavior
Don't bully people, swear, or do anything inappropriate to make people feel uncomfortable. You may be joking, but people can get upset.

No cheating and scamming
Follow the rules and always be honest and truthful.

Players who do not follow the Star86 rules risk getting banned, temporarily or permanently.

Education First

We believe in educating our players to be responsible and safe citizens of the digital world. Our moderators work hard to ensure that players understand when their behavior is inappropriate or unsafe and how they can change their behavior to help keep our universe a safe and fun place to explore.

No Third Party Advertising

Star86 has no third party advertising on our site or within the game so our players are never exposed to inappropriate adverts or content.

Kid Safe Features

  • Experienced Moderators
  • Moderated Chat
  • Tools for Parents
  • Emphasis on Education
  • No Third Party Advertising